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Is Chronic Commission a Good Software? 
Does it actually make real profits? 

The answer is simple, it does make profits, as much as u invest "YOUR TIME" and "SOME MONEY".  Now most of these online software try to suck you in their stories, and telling you how much cash you can earn, but really, lets face the truth, the cash you see on those videos are from the gurus itself! BUT dont lose hope! The program is really good if you truly understand it.  In fact, if you know somewhat about internet marketing, then you might be off to a good start.  Now the price is $49.95 to start up with the software. After signing up, you'll be giving choices to even make more money, but to do that you need to invest your "own money 1st".  If your like me, I started out with just the regular software and didnt worry about the upsells.  I wanted to see if it does anything at all.  You wont be making 700,000/month like the opening video explains, but you "can" make a decent amount to turn it into a full time career! 


Before I share my experience, you need 3 MAJOR THINGS! 
First is clickbank affiliate account: which can be made for free @
Second is autoresponder: which is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to make the sales come alive!
(an autoresponder is email system that sends emails automatically.)
Lastly, you will need a list (traffic): a list of people to send the product you are promoting. 

The autoresponder that I'm using is from
The first month is only $1 then after its $20/month.
Not much of an investment there.
Now the list/traffic is where you will be investing your money. You will find many list in the software ranging from $50-$200 (1000-10000 subscribers).  Getting the point? :)

Now lastly, i'll share my honest experience.  So I was just like you, trying to research the best possible way to make money, but i didn't want to get screwed!  I hate to put money down on garbage and there are many these days! So I checked out Chronic Commission, and from my first reaction, it look soo much identical to other push button software  out there! But for some reason, I thought i would give it a try.  After paying the $50 and ignoring all the other upsells, I was in the members page.  Each section has its own video explaining(very well) on exactly what and how to do.  I already was promoting a product with clickbank, so I decided to buy a list of 1000 subscribers for $50.  After i put all my affiliate ID on all the fields, set up my autoresponder, I took a long breathe, and crossed my fingers.  In a matter of 2 hours, I made my 1st sale, got $15!  I was excited! I wanted more! But i decided to wait! Next morning, I check my clickbank account, and my jaw dropped!  I made $116.18 in 19 hours!!! And i only invested $50!! 

I would definitely give this a try. Why? Because you get a  Risk Free 60 Day Trial!! 
If you dont make money, get your money back!
But if you follow directions, you will make money!

Rudy G


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